Wild luxury for Lexus’ LandCruiser

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Japanese marque sets its sights connected Range Rover with plush features that spell acold beyond thing Toyota has offered successful Australia.

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    Lexus has revealed its imaginativeness for the eventual Toyota LandCruiser, targeting luxury rivals specified arsenic Range Rover with the next-generation LX.

    Based connected the caller Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series, the new Lexus LX takes Toyota’s bones and adds luxury features worthy of a $200,000-plus asking price.

    Full Australian details for the caller exemplary person not been confirmed.

    But we bash cognize it volition beryllium offered overseas with a prime of 2 turbocharged V6 engines – a 305kW/650Nm 3.5-litre petrol portion for the LX 600, and a 227kW/700Nm 3.3-litre diesel successful the LX 500d. Both thrust each 4 wheels done a 10-speed automatic transmission with four-wheel-drive.

    As before, the Lexus has useful features specified arsenic variable-height aerial suspension, sumptuous soft-touch leather trim and each the operator immunodeficiency Toyota tin muster for enactment connected tarmac oregon dirt.

    But the caller instrumentality pushes its luxury credentials into caller territory.

    Customers tin take a five-seat mentation with 2 seats up beforehand and a accepted rear seat successful the back, a seven-seat exemplary that adds other seats successful the boot, oregon a decadent four-seat “VIP” exemplary with a brace of reclining concern people seats successful the mediate of the car.

    Pitched arsenic the prime “for elegant, safe, and comfy travel”, the VIP exemplary offers multi-zone airconditioning with dedicated rear clime and infotainment controls, a retention container with aggregate powerfulness outlets, and a fold-out footrest connected the rider side.

    Rear occupants tin adjacent fold the beforehand rider spot to presumption the roadworthy up if nary 1 is riding shotgun.

    A 25-speaker Mark Levinson stereo promises the champion car prime Lexus has offered successful a four-wheel-drive, and clever touchscreen displays marque the outgoing exemplary look decidedly aged school.

    On the outside, 22-inch rims are the largest wheels ever offered by the brand, and a bold caller instrumentality connected Lexus’ spindle grille has proved arguable connected societal media.

    Lexus says the caller exemplary volition get locally successful 2022.

    Supply of the car mightiness beryllium tricky, arsenic Toyota is struggling to unafraid capable LandCruiser models to conscionable section demand.

    We don’t cognize however overmuch the caller car volition cost, but that it won’t beryllium immoderate cheaper than the LandCruiser scope that tops retired astatine Sahara $138,790 positive on-road costs for the Sahara ZX, suggesting the VIP Version of Lexus’ caller instrumentality could outgo $200,000-plus drive-away.

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