Truth about Lisa and Karl’s relationship

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In excerpts from her caller memoir, Lisa Wilkinson reveals a achy concealed she’s been holding for years and lifts the lid connected her erstwhile Today co-host.


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    They worked side-by-side on-air each weekday for a decennary – but Lisa Wilkinson admits she and Karl Stefanovic haven’t kept successful interaction since their clip hosting Today.

    It’s understood Stefanovic plays a comparatively tiny relation successful Wilkinson’s upcoming memoir It Wasn’t Meant To Be Like This – and asked astir the authorities of their existent narration successful a caller interrogation with Stellar, she says: “We don’t truly person one. But I privation him well. Everyone has moved on.”

    It’s possibly a astonishing admittance from Wilkinson, fixed the brace appeared to publically proceed their relationship aft her daze October 2017 exit from the Today show, posing for photos during a luncheon unneurotic weeks aft the headline-making resignation:

    Wilkinson does connection much details successful the publication astir her abrupt departure from the Nine Network owed to a declaration dispute. Many were waiting for her to uncover precisely what happened the time she abruptly near the web without adjacent an on-air goodbye to viewers, but she present says she needed a fewer years’ region earlier she could archer her story: “At the clip it was beauteous hard to unrecorded through.”

    “In penning the book, I had to spell backmost and recognize what everyone other was consuming astir my communicative astatine the time. And it was rather shocking immoderate of the communicative that was enactment retired determination by my erstwhile employer. I consciousness that determination was a batch that was said that was untrue. And I won’t accidental that immoderate of the things I work weren’t beauteous painful.”

    Elsewhere successful the book, retired November 3, Wilkinson tells the harrowing communicative of a intersexual battle she suffered arsenic a teenager, a communicative she decided to stock publically aft gathering governmental staffer Brittany Higgins past twelvemonth and helping to archer her communicative of allegedly being raped wrong Parliament House.

    Wilkinson reveals she was sexually assaulted by a friend’s begetter portion she was successful precocious school, penning that she was astatine a adjacent friend’s location waiting for her begetter to cod her erstwhile the friend’s begetter cornered her successful a country alone.

    She fought backmost against the battle and ran retired to the information of her begetter – but ne'er told anyone, until now.

    “So often women weren’t believed successful those days,” she said.

    “It was lone erstwhile women linked arms and said: ‘We are doing this together. We are not going to fto women beryllium isolated and excluded erstwhile they archer their stories’. Before determination was nary appetite for the ugliness but present we cognize however wide the ugliness is.”

    “I thought, if [women] don’t travel guardant and don’t amusement however incredibly communal these experiences are, past the perpetrators win. And I couldn’t beryllium a enactment to that,” she said.

    Lisa Wilkinson has vowed to permission “no chromatic unturned” successful the autobiography, which runs to astir 500 pages and tracks her unthinkable emergence done Australia’s media ranks, from being the youngest exertion of Dolly mag astatine conscionable 21, to becoming the planetary editor-in-chief of Cleo, to her determination into the TV satellite successful the 90s arsenic a panellist connected beloved daytime amusement Beauty and the Beast.

    In an Instagram station Wilkinson said the publication “tells the communicative of however this magazine-junkie kid from (proudly) the occidental suburbs of Sydney, worked hard to past the bumps and bruises of my teenage years, and went connected to find myself successful situations and places I could person erstwhile lone ever dreamt about.”

    She said the tell-all would disclose galore long-held secrets.

    “In it, I’ve wholly opened up connected things I’ve ne'er talked astir before, not adjacent with immoderate of my closest girlfriends,” she said. “I’ve near nary chromatic unturned, peculiarly erstwhile it comes to immoderate of the much nationalist moments you’ve seen successful the headlines. Now, you’ll cognize the truth.”

    “I stock the roller coaster thrust of joys, and sadnesses, the pinch-myself moments, and the hard lessons I’ve had to larn on the way.”

    It Wasn’t Meant To Be Like This by Lisa Wilkinson (HarperCollins, $45), retired connected November 3 and disposable for pre-order now.

    Originally published arsenic Lisa Wilkinson opens up astir Karl Stefanovic, her teen intersexual battle successful caller memoir

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