Therapy dogs to support Victorian school students’ mental health

6 days ago 23

Canine Comprehension’s Chelsie Spence says her squad uses therapy dogs to enactment the intelligence wellness of children and is “thrilled” to beryllium portion of the Victorian government’s caller inaugural for schools.

“At Canine Comprehension, we enactment alongside our carnal assisted acquisition dogs, and highly trained professionals, to cater for students’ intelligence wellness and wellbeing needs,” she said astatine a media league connected Thursday.

“It’s scientifically proven that dogs summation our blessed hormone, oxytocin, and they alteration our accent hormone, which makes it overmuch easier for students to entree their learning.

“We cognize that children cannot entree their learning if they are stressed oregon person anxiety.

“So that’s however we usage our dogs to assistance our kids reengage with their learning.”

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