Superman comes out as bisexual

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Fans person reacted with delight arsenic DC Comics revealed the caller Superman is bisexual, sharing a same-sex buss with a antheral character.

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    Superman fell for a newsman and present his lad is doing the same, though this clip the superhero’s emotion involvement is simply a antheral called Jay.

    DC Comics announced connected Monday that the caller Superman, who is the lad of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, volition person a romanticist narration with a antheral friend.

    Jon Kent and budding writer Jay Nakamura struck up a relationship successful a communicative released successful August. They volition stock a buss successful a comic to beryllium published adjacent month, the steadfast said, describing Kent arsenic “bisexual.”

    “Following a country wherever Superman mentally and physically burns retired from trying to prevention everyone that helium can, Jay is determination to attraction for the Man of Steel,” DC Comics said.

    The storyline volition diagnostic successful “Son of Kal-El” contented five, owed to deed shelves connected November 9, the steadfast said successful a property merchandise headlined “Jon Kent finds his identity.”

    “Today, much radical tin spot themselves successful the astir almighty superhero successful comics,” said Tom Taylor, who writes the series.

    Fans took to societal media to explicit their joyousness astatine the development.

    “This quality astir Superman makes my queer bosom glad, knowing the affirmative interaction it volition person connected truthful galore young folks contiguous & successful the future,” tweeted histrion Anthony Rapp.

    The coming retired of America’s astir celebrated superhero comes arsenic much comic books clasp diversity.

    In March, Marvel Comics announced its archetypal cheery Captain America and “Aquaman” introduced a Black, cheery superhero earlier this summer.

    The latest Robin successful the Batman comics came retired arsenic bisexual successful August. While the caller Superman is not the archetypal LGBTQ comic publication character, helium is arguably the astir recognisable.

    “Nowadays, we unrecorded successful a little closeted age. That’s an implicit good,” said Ben Saunders, manager of comics and cartoon studies astatine the University of Oregon.

    “One effect mightiness beryllium that the mainstream civilization has caught connected to what immoderate radical person known each along: superheroes person ever been, astatine slightest potentially, a spot queer,” helium told AFP.

    DC Comics made the announcement connected National Coming Out Day. US President Joe Biden released a connection saying his medication was “committed” to warring for LGBTQ rights.

    In the “Son of Kal-El” bid the caller Superman has already been proving himself a antithetic benignant of superhero to his father.

    He has been warring a fig of societal justness issues, including tackling wildfires sparked by clime alteration and protesting the deportation of refugees.

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