Star’s jaw-dropping booty transformation

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A Gold Coast influencer has shared the “years of hard work” down her celebrated fig – leaving fans successful disbelief implicit the change.


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    Tammy Hembrow has managed to physique a concern empire retired of her assemblage transformation.

    The Gold Coast mum-of-two has much than 13 cardinal followers connected Instagram, owns manner statement Saski, arsenic good arsenic workout app Tammy Hembrow Fitness.

    On Monday Tammy shared a video connected TikTok of her booty transformation, revealing however “years of hard work” successful the gym had seen her execute her celebrated behind.

    But contempt Tammy’s earthy assemblage translation being well-documented by the influencer, immoderate couldn’t judge her booty was from the gym, leaving her video with a drawstring of nasty jibes.

    “Which doc was it,” 1 commenter rudely asked, portion different spectator besides claimed her booty “doesn’t look people built”.

    However others who watched Tammy’s video labelled the influencer an “inspiration” and told her to “stuff the haters”.

    “You tin virtually spot the explanation [in] her full body. It was intelligibly built,” 1 idiosyncratic wrote.

    “She has a YouTube transmission and Instagram wherever you tin spot YEARS of advancement and dedication to a strict fare and workout routine,” different commented.

    “You mislaid maine astatine years of hard work,” 1 spectator quipped.

    Despite documenting her gym routines connected societal media for years, Tammy has been forced to contradict getting a Brazilian butt assistance – a cosmetic country process wherever abdominous from different parts of the assemblage is injected into the booty, giving it a circular shape.

    She told The Daily Telegraph successful 2019 she was “tired” of the changeless country speculation.

    “I person ever had radical accidental that – they conscionable don’t cognize that you tin execute that with moving out,” Tammy said.

    “Obviously it is genetics and you can’t alteration your features but you tin physique musculus and signifier and code and each of that.”

    Tammy wrote connected Instagram successful July that she had transformed her fig by eating “in abundance” and lifting weights, sharing earlier and aft shots of her body.

    “In these photos, connected the near I was moving retired a little, I was restricting my calories HUGELY, tons of cardio, I wasn’t being healthy, I didn’t truly cognize what I was doing,” Tammy said of the archetypal photo, which showed her astatine the formation successful a bikini.

    “To the close which was today, I bid consistently and effectively, I bash mostly weights. I devour SOOO MUCH beauteous steadfast nutrient successful abundance (while inactive having treats/indulging erstwhile I want).”

    Tammy said the transformation, which besides came aft she had her 2 children Wolf and Saskia, had taken years of “consistent hard work” that had been precise rewarding.

    “The spot I americium successful present not conscionable physically but mentally is conscionable incredible. I went from being mislaid to being wholly successful emotion with life!” she wrote.

    Tammy told Cosmopolitan successful 2018 that she had “always been rather skinny” but fell successful emotion with however bully value grooming made her consciousness some mentally and physically.

    “I enactment truly hard astatine the gym,” she told the magazine. “I’m usually covered successful sweat – like, dripping!”

    Tammy does weights 4 times a week, with 3 of those sessions little body, and says her fare is simply a “massive portion to the puzzle piece”.

    “You request to beryllium eating the close magnitude of calories for thing to grow,” she said.

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