Sally Rooney refuses Hebrew translation of book

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By James Rothwell

October 12, 2021 — 2.32pm

Sally Rooney, the acclaimed Irish author, has reportedly refused to let her caller caller to beryllium published successful Hebrew owing to her views connected the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The disclosure was made successful a caller paper interrogation which said that Rooney had turned down a translation bid from Modan, an Israeli publisher, arsenic she supports a boycott of Israel.

Author Sally Rooney.

Author Sally Rooney.Credit:Kalpesh Lathigra

Rooney’s novel, titled Beautiful World, Where Are You, was released successful September and rapidly topped books charts successful Australia, the UK and Ireland.

“When Modan approached Rooney’s cause successful an effort to motion different translation deal, the cause announced that Rooney supports the taste boycott question connected Israel and truthful does not o.k. translation into Hebrew,” the Israeli paper Haaretz reported.


The interrogation with Rooney was published by The New York Times successful September, but was past translated into Hebrew and published by Haaretz with further details.

Haaretz added that Rooney’s agent, Tracy Bohan, confirmed that the writer had declined the translation erstwhile approached for comment.

Rooney’s cause and Modan, the Israeli publisher, were approached for comment, with nary effect received.

Rooney’s 2 erstwhile novels, Conversations With Friends and Normal People, person some been published successful Hebrew by Modan.

Rooney’s caller   caller   has topped bestseller charts successful  Australia, the UK and Ireland.

Rooney’s caller caller has topped bestseller charts successful Australia, the UK and Ireland.

Rooney, 30, has antecedently been outspoken astir her absorption to Israel’s concern of the West Bank and Gaza, which the Palestinians assertion arsenic their ain land.

She precocious signed an unfastened missive which called for “an extremity to the enactment provided by planetary powers to Israel and its military; particularly the United States”, and besides urged governments to “cut trade, economical and taste relations”.

In a study past night, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency besides noted that successful her 2nd novel, Normal People, the main characters be a protestation against Israel’s relation successful the 2014 Gaza war.

The boycott revelation – which was not mentioned successful the archetypal nonfiction by The New York Times – was brought to airy successful a blog station by Gitit Levy-Paz connected the website Forward.

“Rooney’s determination amazed and saddened me. I americium a Jewish and Israeli woman, but I americium besides a literate student who believes successful the cosmopolitan powerfulness of art,” she wrote.

Ben Judah, a British writer and journalist, besides condemned the determination past night. “Depressing and unpleasant that Sally Rooney won’t let her caller caller to beryllium translated into Hebrew,” helium wrote connected Twitter.

All 3 of Rooney’s novels person been showered with praise by critics for her minimalist penning benignant and melancholy depiction of beingness successful post-financial situation Ireland. The novels besides code tensions betwixt Ireland’s moving and mediate classes.


In Britain she has received 4 publication awards, including Young Writer of the Year by The Sunday Times successful 2017 and the Costa Book grant successful 2018.

Normal People was adapted into an acclaimed BBC bid starring Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones past year.

In an interrogation with The Daily Telegraph successful 2018, Rooney said that she struggled with socialising portion increasing up, contempt her newfound presumption arsenic the dependable of the alleged “millennial” generation.


“I thought schoolhouse was immensely boring and, arsenic a teenager, I often recovered societal beingness rather mystifying... I was not idiosyncratic to whom it came easy to beryllium charming,” she said.

A spokesperson for Modan confirmed that it would not beryllium publishing Rooney’s 3rd caller but declined to accidental whether this was owing to a boycott, and alternatively referred to Rooney’s agent.

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