Rising spring temperatures in Southwest Sydney may be heightening your hay fever

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Dr Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick explains however Southwest Sydney's outpouring clime is changing. Plus, however does clime alteration interaction Aussies suffering from hay fever?


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    SPRINGTIME temperatures are connected the rise, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

    Back successful 1970, the coldest outpouring time successful Southwest Sydney was typically astir 15 degrees.

    Now, it's much similar 16 degrees - that's astir 1 grade warmer than 50 years ago.

    So what does this mean?

    There are plentifulness of reasons to emotion outpouring - warmer weather, longer days and the blooming of wildflowers.

    However, for many, outpouring marks the instrumentality of the dreaded hay fever season.

    Seasonal allergies impact one successful 5 Australians and are commonly triggered by writer pollen.

    Unfortunately runny noses and itchy eyes aren't apt to spell distant immoderate clip soon.

    Pollen play successful Australia tin past for galore months, and vulnerability tin beryllium challenging to avoid.

    Recent research suggests that clime alteration is causing the pollen play to change.

    But, wherefore is this happening?

    Plants are delicate to what's going connected successful the clime - reacting to changes successful somesthesia and gases similar c dioxide successful the atmosphere.

    As a portion of clime change, we're seeing expanding temperatures and levels of c dioxide not experienced successful tens of millions of years.

    Together, these factors boost levels of writer pollen successful the aerial and lengthen the pollen season.

    In fact, the North American pollen season is starting astir 20 days earlier and pollen loads are 21 per cent higher than successful 1990.

    Speaking to US broadcaster NBC, biologist and clime idiosyncratic Bill Anderegg said the figures were a "crystal wide illustration that clime alteration is present and it's successful each enactment we take".

    If you privation to cognize however pollen levels are changing successful your area, section upwind stations and wellness authorities often supply updates connected pollen number for hay fever sufferers.

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    Dr Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick is simply a clime idiosyncratic astatine the University of New South Wales.

    This file is portion of a collaboration betwixt Monash University and News Corp to present hyperlocal upwind and clime information.

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