NSW hydrogen joins unstoppable energy revolution, yet tariffs pose big threat while we lump coal

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NSW hydrogen joins unstoppable vigor revolution, yet tariffs airs large menace portion we lump coal

By Nicki Hutley

October 14, 2021 — 4.00am

Acting swiftly connected clime alteration matters, for biology reasons arsenic the clime situation escalates, and for economical reasons arsenic debased c becomes the planetary norm. That means embracing the immense opportunities of the caller vigor revolution.

On Wednesday we saw the latest determination by NSW to acceptable the authorities connected the way to becoming a satellite person successful renewables with the announcement of $3 cardinal successful enactment for greenish hydrogen. According to Premier Dominic Perrottet, the determination volition make a projected $600 cardinal successful gross and 10,000 jobs by 2030 and pull betwixt $80 cardinal and $270 cardinal of backstage concern successful the hydrogen industry.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has backed greenish  hydrogen to boost the system  and assistance   trim  c  emissions.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has backed greenish hydrogen to boost the system and assistance trim c emissions.Credit:Dominic Lorrimer

This is simply a blimpish authorities mounting the gathering blocks for Australia’s renewable vigor aboriginal arsenic we inevitably modulation distant from fossil fuels. Importantly, the NSW strategy focuses connected greenish hydrogen, made with star oregon upwind – the lone benignant of hydrogen that tin play a relation successful Australia’s debased emissions aboriginal – and it outlines the wide terms benefits of renewable hydrogen implicit fossil-fuel hydrogen. The announcement follows the authorities government’s committedness to halve emissions by 2030.

NSW’s program comes hard connected the heels of a $1 cardinal concern successful greenish hydrogen by Andrew Forrest successful Gladstone, Queensland – similar determination NSW, coal’s longtime heartland. The astute superior is flowing to greenish investment, liable governments cognize it, and the momentum is present unstoppable, with determination Australia acceptable to payment from a imaginable jobs bonanza.

Missing successful enactment from each these developments is the national government. The costs of its failures connected clime argumentation are acceptable to equine arsenic our trading partners determination towards implementing c borderline tariffs. Three months ago, the EU announced a tariff, and others are apt to travel suit. These taxes person the imaginable to importantly wounded the Australian economy, with disproportionately damaging effects connected states specified arsenic NSW and Queensland wherever goods targeted by tariffs – peculiarly ember – dominate.


The impacts, including imaginable occupation losses successful the tens of thousands identified successful new economical modelling commissioned by the Climate Council, volition beryllium a nonstop effect of the national government’s anemic advancement successful cutting greenhouse state emissions.

Of Australia’s apical 20 trading partners, 80 per cent person nett zero emissions targets successful place, and the G7 nations person collectively pledged to halve emissions by 2030. Carbon pricing schemes are progressively adopted arsenic the astir effectual and businesslike means of accelerating these emissions reductions. There are present 64 c pricing instruments astir the world.

Carbon tariffs use a “tax” to exports of targeted goods from countries similar Australia astatine the c terms prevailing successful the importing country. This raises the terms of our exports, reducing demand, starring to little GDP and costing jobs.

The Climate Council’s modelling evaluates the interaction of borderline tariffs successful antithetic regions covering iron, steel, cement, fertiliser, aluminium, electricity, ember and gas. If South Korea, China and the G7 travel the EU, and use tariffs to the supra products, NSW and Queensland volition carnivore the brunt. NSW would suffer astir 20,000 jobs and $5 cardinal successful Gross State Product, and Queensland much than 50,000 jobs and $10 cardinal implicit a play of respective years. This is an wholly avoidable catastrophe.


The modelling is unequivocal: the Australian authorities reasoning we tin support exporting fossil fuels and different emissions-intensive products to the remainder of the satellite without punishment is simply a negligent fantasy. It volition harm the precise NSW determination communities whom those who basal successful the mode of clime enactment assertion they privation to protect.

The national authorities indispensable look the inevitable modulation to a debased c satellite with a wide program to enactment those successful affected industries, backmost greenish backstage assemblage investment, recognise the archetypal mover advantages each around, and clasp the jobs and economical accidental of the caller cleanable economy.

Modelling by Beyond Zero Emissions present estimates Australia could turn a caller greenish export premix worthy $333 cardinal a year, astir triple the worth of existing fossil substance exports. Deloitte Access Economics says enactment for a low-carbon system would adhd $680 cardinal successful economical maturation and 250,000 caller jobs by 2070.

As a instauration for our economical future, the national authorities needs to get the argumentation settings right. The archetypal measurement – a committedness to astatine the precise slightest lucifer our commercialized allies successful halving emissions this decennary – is agelong overdue. We should instrumentality our spot connected the satellite signifier astatine adjacent month’s UN clime acme with thing less.

Nicki Hutley is simply a elder economist and Climate Councillor. She was formerly a spouse astatine Deloitte Access Economics. She is the writer of the Climate Council’s caller study connected c borderline tariffs, Markets are moving: the economical costs of Australia’s clime inaction.

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