Nokia re-releases iconic mobile

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Remember the days of playing Snake connected your Nokia 6310, earlier you had adjacent heard of an iPhone? Now the tech steadfast has re-released it – with a spot of a facelift.


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    To observe its 20th anniversary, Nokia has rolled retired a caller mentation of the classical phone, the 6310.

    The iconic ‘brick’ comes with a fewer caller specs – but it inactive features Snake, the legendary crippled that kept telephone owners entertained agelong earlier the days of Instagram, TikTok and Candy Crush.

    Upgrades see a colour show (not touchscreen), positive a rear camera and entree to quality channels and vigor stations.

    Nobody could impeach Nokia of rolling retired a cutting-edge smartphone – but the caller 6310 is cleanable for anybody aft a telephone connected a super-tight budget.

    The archetypal ‘brick’ was besides famed for its ruggedness, and this caller exemplary inactive sports the aforesaid ultra-durable build.

    In caller years, there’s been a rising appetite for simpler phones, and the Nokia 6310 mightiness conscionable go a trailblazer.

    More and more, radical are casting speech their smartphones successful favour of these humble devices, keen to debar excessive surface clip and the extortionate costs of handsets similar the iPhone 13 Pro.

    And priced from astir $66 successful Australia, we are earmarking it arsenic a large Christmas stocking filler – particularly if you cognize idiosyncratic who’s successful request of a impermanent telephone earlier upgrading to thing a small spot much 2021.

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