‘Handful’ of authorised AFL staff not vaccinated as deadline arrives

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‘Handful’ of authorised AFL unit not vaccinated arsenic deadline arrives

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The AFL believes determination is lone “a handful” of authorised unit astatine Victorian clubs not yet vaccinated up of the authorities government’s deadline for authorised workers to person their archetypal COVID-19 vaccine dose connected Friday.

The AFL believes determination   is lone  a fistful  of unit   astatine  clubs that stay  unvaccinated.

The AFL believes determination is lone a fistful of unit astatine clubs that stay unvaccinated.Credit:Joe Armao

The league asked for a straw canvass from nine bosses astatine a gathering earlier this week, which revealed determination were inactive immoderate radical progressive successful AFL and AFLW shot programs, either players oregon staff, crossed the contention that were hesitant to person the vaccine.

The AFL has followed authorities authorities orders during the coronavirus pandemic and emphasised to nine CEOs that each unit and players volition beryllium required to travel the Victorian government’s mandate policy.

It has told clubs that nether the government’s argumentation each authorised workers antecedently allowed to enactment nether exemptions “require their archetypal COVID-19 vaccine dose by Friday 15 October to proceed to enactment onsite astatine their workplaces and volition request to beryllium afloat vaccinated by Friday 26 November”.

With first- to fourth-year AFL players not required to instrumentality to grooming until November 22 the contiguous interaction volition beryllium felt by immoderate “vaccine-hesitant” radical progressive successful the AFLW programs. Players who are drafted to the AFL connected November 25-26 volition request to beryllium vaccinated to instantly commencement with their caller clubs. The existent AFLW contention volition not get nether mode until January 6, 2022.

An manufacture root said immoderate of the radical who were not yet vaccinated thought they would beryllium capable to person an exemption, but they fell extracurricular the criteria.

The league is continuing to enactment with radical who are yet to person the vaccine arsenic portion of an acquisition argumentation that has been ongoing passim 2021, which progressive the AFLPA and aesculapian unit crossed the competition.

The contented is not confined to the AFL; each industries are dealing with radical who volition not beryllium capable to enactment unless they are vaccinated. The league, which is yet to merchandise its vaccination policy, was already encouraging each radical wrong the manufacture to get vaccinated.

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