Burgess strips to reveal huge SAS weight loss

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SAS Australia victor Sam Burgess has stripped disconnected to uncover precisely what the gruelling amusement did to his assemblage – including 8.5kg value loss.


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    SAS Australia victor Sam Burgess has stripped disconnected to uncover the monolithic 8.5kg value nonaccomplishment helium underwent portion taking portion successful the gruelling show, which was filmed implicit 2 weeks earlier this year.

    The erstwhile rugby league player, 32, stripped to his underwear for an Instagram post shared aft Wednesday night’s SAS reunion show.

    He revealed he’d taken the photograph 1 time aft helium was deemed the season’s winner, and was “minus 8.5kg down”.

    “Safe to accidental I’ve managed to enactment a fewer kgs backmost on,” helium said.

    “What a thrust – acknowledgment for your overwhelming support.”

    Burgess was paid a reported $150,000 to $200,000 to look connected the amusement – much than treble what astir of the different celebs had earned. He was joined successful Tuesday’s last occurrence by dual Olympian Jana Pittman, Olympic medallist John Steffensen, Home And Away histrion Dan Ewing and tennis fable Mark Philippoussis.

    But Burgess emerged victorious, the lone celeb deemed to person passed ‘SAS selection’. It came aft a tumultuous clip for the erstwhile South Sydney player, who went done a messy nationalist break-up with woman Phoebe that saw explosive cause and home unit allegations levelled astatine the footballer past year. Burgess strenuously denied the claims.

    In May, Sam pleaded blameworthy to 3 driving charges pursuing a February 22 constabulary postulation halt wherever helium tested affirmative for cocaine. He landed 2 $581 fines and was ordered to implicit a postulation offenders program.

    Burgess opened up astir his idiosyncratic problems during an interrogation country aboriginal successful the season, telling the instructors: “I’ve mislaid my career, my kids and matrimony … determination was a constabulary probe into me. Turned to drinking, drugs. I’ve mislaid it all.”

    Sam has since revealed helium has stopped drinking wholly successful an effort to alteration his beingness for the better.

    Meanwhile, chap SAS finalist Jana Pittman lifted the lid connected one of the show’s astir cringe-worthy scenes, successful which viewers were shown Dan Ewing concocting a random communicative to archer the captors during 1 of the last challenges, arsenic opposed to his chap contestants who each spoke honestly.

    Pittman, who conscionable missed retired connected passing the course, told 2DayFM’s The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin that each recruits were told to recite the aforesaid fabricated communicative – but lone Ewing’s made it to air.

    She besides said Ewing was “pretty upset” astir his portrayal connected the show.

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