Biden continues ‘stumbling and bumbling’ through press conference

1 week ago 30

President Joe Biden has been criticised again for “stumbling” and “bumbling” done his property league – wherever helium struggled to work disconnected the teleprompter and mispronounced names.

The US president was speaking connected proviso concatenation issues wherever helium mispronounced the sanction of the Executive Director of the Port of Long Beach Mario Cordero and rapidly apologised.

Mr Biden has been heavy criticised for this with galore believing helium needs to beryllium a cognitive trial to beryllium his dependable of mind.

Social media users called the stumbling “expected” from the president.

“With Biden’s stumbling and bumbling and predominant brainsick gaffes, successful public, you can’t assistance but wonderment what’s going connected down the scenes successful the oval office,” 1 Twitter idiosyncratic wrote.

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