’Absolute monster’: Severe storm warning

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Forecasters are bracing for flash flooding arsenic a monster tempest batters parts of 1 state, with rainfall drenching overmuch of the eastbound coast.


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    A flash flooding alert has been issued for Queensland’s southeast country arsenic the federation wakes up to a bedewed and chaotic day.

    Heavy rainfall and lightning had already pelted Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Toowoomba for respective hours by 6am Thursday, with much than 50mm falling successful 1 hr astatine Dalby connected the Darling Downs.

    “Dalby copping an implicit monster astatine the moment,” section nonmigratory Adam Ogden said, the Courier Mail reported.

    Severe thunderstorms were detected connected the upwind radar adjacent the country westbound of Esk with a compartment rapidly moving east, bringing dense rainfall that whitethorn pb to flash flooding.

    The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) had already warned terrible thunderstorms and monolithic hail could beryllium connected the mode connected Thursday arsenic portion of a immense upwind strategy washing implicit the eastbound coast.

    Sydney and Northern NSW person besides been drenched connected Thursday morning, with much rainfall connected the way.

    Heavier than expected summertime rainfall crossed the nation’s northbound and northeast is looking much apt this summertime aft the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) connected Tuesday raised its ENSO outlook from a La Nina “watch” to “alert”.

    The bureau said continued cooling successful the tropical Pacific Ocean passim September – and consequent warmer oceans adjacent Australia – had boosted the chances of La Nina from 50 per cent to 70 per cent, astir 3 times the mean likelihood of an lawsuit forming successful immoderate year.

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